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Welcome to Fitclub

The wellbeing centre you have been looking for.


FCC is founded on three pillars: Fitness, Nutrition and Motivation.


It is made for active and social souls. Imagine a ‘gym and gin’ concept.


Fitness classes at Fitclub Collective are boutique experiences that follow our unique method, crafted for our active souls, so each individual can work towards the best version of themselves.


We offer boutique group exercise classes, nutrition services, brand alliances and partnerships for special discounts and promotions, and different events and networking opportunities at Eventclub Collective

Why We Do Fitness

The healthy balance.


We believe in sustainable fitness, the correct balance between discipline and connecting with
peers in a fun way. This concept has been created thinking on two types of people:
active souls and social souls and a combination of both!.
Our unique method works the mind and  body by performing a body
sculpting workout and ending with a guided meditation. The mind to body connection is key to
achieve our goals, so it is something we highlight in every sensory workout combining
the ON and OFF (the body and the mind).

​Get ready to feel the burn and connect with yourself and others like never before.

Welcome to your fitness social club.

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