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Welcome to Fitclub

The wellbeing centre you have been looking for.


FCC is focused on three pillars: Fitness, Nutrition and Motivation.


It is made for active and social souls. Imagine a ‘gym and gin’ concept.


Fitness classes at Fitclub Collective are boutique experiences that follow our unique method,
crafted for our active souls, so each individual can work towards the best version of themselves.


We offer exclusive group exercise classes, nutrition services, access to renowned brand
alliances and multiple signature events and networking opportunities at Eventclub Collective, our

partner event brand.



We have crafted a unique workout method that works first the outside and then focuses on the inside. That’s for all of our different classes!


5 minutes of dynamic warm-ups

40 minutes of high-intensity training

10 minutes of dynamic cool-downs and mobility

5 minutes of guided meditation


Ready to feel refreshed?

Introducing the FCC Health Leaders


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